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Q01Can foreigners purchase real estate in Japan?

A01Yes. There are no limitations to purchase real estate in Japan by foreign nationals.

Q02Can real estate be purchased jointly or in a company’s name?

A02Yes. In the case of companies, purchases are limited to registered corporate entities. Please submit officially certified copies of documents that prove the company name, address, and the name of representative director.

Q03Is the land freehold title?

A03Yes, ownership of this property is freehold (fee simple).

Q04What is the procedure to purchase real estate in Japan?

A04The procedure is as follows.

  • 1) Make an offer by submit the application to the property you would like to purchase.
  • 2) Receive an explanation of the important matters of the property.
  • 3) Conclude a contract (within one week from the offer) and pay a deposit (10% of the purchase price in general).
  • 4) Settle the account (within one month of concluding the contract) by paying the remaining amount (90% of the purchase price in general) and other costs.
  • 5) At the time of settlement, the property is delivered and the transfer of ownership is registered.
  • * We also suggest everyone to have look of the property before making a decesion.

Q05What type of documentation is necessary to register the purchased real estate?

A05To register real estate in your name, you need personal identification issued by the national government or a public agency of the country where you live stating your current address and full name. Please contact us for further details.

Q06When purchasing real estate, what kind of costs and taxes are there in addition to the purchase price?

A06Followings will be necessary.

At the time of conclusion of the contract:
- Stamp duty: 7,500 yen (In the case of a purchase price of 50 million yen or less)
At the time of settlement:
- Registration fee and tax (Approximately 60,000 yen per parcel*)
- Acquisition tax (Approximately 100,000 yen per parcel*)

* Costs vary depending on the property. The above rates are approximate estimates for the Hakuba Wadano Alpine Resort properties.

Q07How much is an agent’s commission?

A07In the case of Hakuba Wadano Alpine Resort property, commissions are included in the purchase price and no additional commissions needs to be paid. For other properties, an agent’s commission of 3% of the purchase price plus 60,000 yen as well as the 5% consumption tax must be paid.

Q08Can foreigners obtain loans from banks?

A08Unfortunately, it is virtually severe for foreigners to obtain loans from Japanese banks, especially the resort real estate.

Q09Is the contract in Japanese? Is an English translation available?

A09The original version of the contract is in Japanese, but we will provide an English translation to each customer needs.

Q10Can I request property management?

A10The local Morino Lodgemay in charge of your property management, and you can even rent our your cottage during your absence to create your real estate investment opportunity. Please contact us for details.

Q11How much will it cost to build a structure?

A11The cost will vary depending upon the size of the structure, building methods, materials, equipment, and so on but a three-bedroom wood structure of 120 sq. m would be around 30 million yen or a little bit more. This figure includes basic instruction and equipment.

Please contact us for more information.
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