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There are variety of character in each area in Tokyo. Aoyama, Yoyogi, Daikanyama, Roppongi, Azabu… And this information will help you arrange living Tokyo more pleasant. You may found this amusing city makes you into unfailing entertainment!

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1. Aoyama & Omotesando

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Omotesando is a lovely road which zelkova trees are all along Meiji-jingu and enveloped in green arch. Famous restaurants, salons, boutiques, cafes, and high quality shops stand side by side. "Omotesando Hills" becomes a landmark and alive with many customers including families and couples enjoying shopping on weekends.
Also Omotesando & Aoyama area are greatly popular as residence for living in Tokyo. Not only excellent cuisine and cafe but also international import shops such as KINOKUNIYA international makes this area convenient for grocery shopping. High price and low rise housing are common and people coming from all over the world love and settling in Aoyama.

“Omotesando” station on Tokyo metro Chiyoda, Ginza, and Hanzomon line.
"Gaienmae" & "Aoyama-itchome" station on Tokyo Metro Ginza and Hanzomon line.
"Meiji-jingumae" station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Fukutoshin line.
Aoyama Park Tower
Aoyama Park Tower has 34 stories and is well known as a symbol tower mansion in Omotesando. Stands on a hill closer to Aoyama and overlooks Shibuya area. It has a superb distance from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya and 5 minutes walk from Shibuya and 8 minutes walk from Omotesando. Fully-appointed common space and service would meet to the satisfaction for every people.

2. Azabu & Hiroo

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Filling with greenery and quiet environment makes Azabu & Hiroo comfortable place to live. Because many foreign embassies, foreign communities, and international schools are found, a lot of non Japanese are living in this cosmopolitan area. There are Arisugawa park and Western style super markets and churches as well. We can say here is one of the most convenient and peaceful place for living western Tokyo. Feature of property is relatively high and old, however many western style properties could give amenities for foreigner inhabitants.

"Azabujuban" station on Toei Oedo and Tokyo Metro Namboku line.
"Hiroo" station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.
Motoazabu Hills
The concept of "Motoazabu Forest Tower" is "city in Forest". Forest tower imaged big tree is in the center and surrounded by low towers. More than half of site return to greenery and also trees are planted on rooftop and balcony. Inside of each room has a good quality and natural tone with flooring and white wall. Spa and roof garden, sky lounge, and 24 hours bilingual concierge service support cozy city life for your living Tokyo.

3. Yoyogi & Shinjuku & Yotsuya

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This area linking from Yoyogi Park to St. Sophia University is one of the most popular in Japan. Tokyo head quarters, Shinjuku, one of the busiest place in Japan. Many educational institutions in Yotsuya and Yoyogi Park gives peace and activity to the city. The price of property becomes more reasonable than other area and the traffic access of central Tokyo is gathered in this area.

"Shinjuku" station on JR Yamanote, Chuo, Sobu, Saikyo, Shonan Shinjuku line,
Toei Oedo, Shinjuku line. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line,
Keio line, Keio Shinsen line,
Odakyu Odawara line and Seibu Shinjuku line.
"Yoyogi" station on JR Yamanote, Chuo, Sobu line and Toei Oedo line.
"Yotsuya" station on JR Chuo, Sobu line, and Tokyo Metro Nanboku and Marunouchi line.
Concieria Nishi Shinjuku Tokyo`s West
Locates around the Tokyo headquaters and close to shopping area in Shinjuku.
This Apartment will be one of the most high rise apartment (44F) and particular about the building design to make high grade apartment of living and playing in Tokyo.

4. Shibuya & Shoto

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Shibuya is renown by the central crossway. It attracts with the look of bright and busy city but many people really won`t know that the best residential area is hiding behind.
Shoto is loved by the fame of various fields and low stories house are standing. It will give you silent time for living busy city in Tokyo to forget the noise of the city.
Property price is relatively expensive, but you may feel enough quality and contentment.

"Shibuya" station on JR Yamanote,Shonan Shinjyuku, Saikyo line,
Tokyu Denentoshi, Toyoko line,
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon, Ginza, Fukutoshin line, and Keio Inokashira line.
"Shinsen" station on Keio Inokashira line.
Grand Maison Shoto
It describes the grave building which Shoto has and gives more to feel existence.

5. Ebisu & Daikanyama

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Ebisu is named after "Ebisu beer" which was produced by a beer factory in this area. In October 1994, EBISU GARDEN PLACE opened after the factory finished. A Head quarter of Sapporo Beer, 39 stories Garden Place Tower, Mitsukoshi Department Store, and Westin Tokyo Hotel built up. Properties in this area have wide variation from studio to family type and recently tower mansions have increased.
Daikanyama locates in 10 minutes walk from Ebisu. Designer boutiques and fancy cafe are hot among young people. As a residential area, because of walking distance to Ebisu and Shibuya station, Daikanyama is really popular as well. High rise mansions are less and row rise housings are more.

"Ebisu" station on JR Yamanote, Saikyo, and Shonan Shinjuku line, and Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.
"Daikanyama" station on Tokyu Toyoko line.
Ebisu Garden Terrace Ichibankan
32 stories tower mansion stands on Ebisu garden place which is a landmark of Ebisu. There is a Skywalk from Ebisu station to Garden Place so it provides quick access and no need to worry about getting wet in rainy day. Front service and 24 hours administration center support peaceful life for inhabitant.

6. Roppongi

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Different people come and go to Roppongi which has multicultural mood. 238 meter high Roppongi Hills and 248 meter high Tokyo Mid Town which was built in May 2007 make this area attractive. Unique shops, foreigner friendly bar and club, and luxury hotel give every people a full night. In addition, Roppongi Hills is well known as a big museum in Tokyo, such as Mori Art Museum, Suntory Museum. Properties in Roppongi are relatively new and high rise and houses are less. Also young singles and couples live more than families. Take fantastic night life and magnificent night view into your Japanese life!

"Roppongi" station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya & Toei Oedo line.
Roppongi Hills Residence
43 stories high special grade mansion, Roppongi Hills Residence. Built up by 4 towers. 1800㎡ massive spa, sky lounge which you can look over Tokyo night view, roof top garden, guest room, etc... Also it provides accomplished service such as concierge service, taxi arrangement, Landry reception. Focus on the interior design in each room to enrich "quality of life" and propose inhabitant for the superior life style of your living Tokyo.

7. Shirokane & Takanawa

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"Minato-ku is Shirokane." It won't be an excessive description as a residential area. The street name "Platinum Street" has fashionable cafes and restaurants where people can relax with tea and their dog in a daytime, prosper shopping around the station but it changes into silent residential area in the night.

"Shirokanedai" station on Tokyo Metro Nanboku and Toei Mita line.
"Shirokane-Takanawa" station on Tokyo Metro Nanboku and Toei Mita line.
Shirokane Tower
Locates right above the Shirokane-takanawa station where supermarket and boutique spot for daily living in Tokyo. It directs to command Shirokane area for their luxury time.

8. Meguro

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Meguro locates in a little walk desistance from Shirokane area and is the most popular for Japanese but foreigners as well. There are many fashionable restaurants and bars in the night and many offices around the JR Meguro station and Toyoko Nakameguro station. But even though, locating the silent residential area right next to this shopping spot makes this area popular.
Meguro has all three tips for living in Tokyo such as "Live" "Work" and "Play" which gives everyone charm.

"Meguro" station on JR Yamanote line, Tokyu Meguro line,
Tokyo metro Nanboku and Toei Mita line.
"Nakameguro" station on Tokyu Toyoko line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.
Atria Meguro Tower
Locates along with Meguro River where goes through the shopping street from Meguro station. It is relatively new and publicity has been not high yet but no one knows about the future.

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