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Type Detail Station Line Monthly Rent(Yen) Bedrooms Size(Sq.m) Area
Condo. Detail Azabu-juban Nanboku 380,000 2Bed 81.61 Azabu-juban
Condo. Detail Meguro Yamanote 208,000 1Bed 42.58 Meguro
Condo. Detail Hanzomon Hanzomon 168,000 Studio 38.19 Hanzomon
Condo. Detail Ebisu Hibiya 180,000 1Bed 40 Ebisu
Condo. Detail Iidabashi Yurakucho 102,000 1Bed 22.01 Iidabashi
Condo. Detail Shibuya JR Yamanote 244,000 1Bed 54.53 Daikanyama
Condo. Detail Shibuya JR Yamanote 243,000 1Bed 50 Shibuya
Condo. Detail Nakameguro Toyoko 169,000 Studio 32.39 Nakameguro
Condo. Detail Gaienmae Ginza 199,000 Studio 47.49 Minamiaoyama
Condo. Detail Hiroo Hibiya 242,000 2Bed 50.15 Hiroo
Condo. Detail Shibuya Yamanote 158,000 Studio 29.45 Shibuya
Condo. Detail Ikebukuro Yurakucho 126,000 1Bed 30.67 Ikebukuro
Condo. Detail Gotanda Yamanote 273,000 3Bed 76.92 Gotanda
Condo. Detail Nakameguro Toyoko 216,000 1Bed 51.63 Nakameguro
Condo. Detail Hanzomon Hanzomon 213,000 1Bed 52.45 Hanzomon
Condo. Detail Meguro JR Yamanote 250,000 3Bed 81.86 Meguro
Condo. Detail Iidabashi Nanboku 250,000 2Bed 70.86 Iidabashi
Condo. Detail Shibuya JR Yamanote 310,000 2Bed 77.39 Shibuya
Condo. Detail Gakugeidaigaku Toyoko 155,000 1Bed 47.06 Gakugei-daigaku
Condo. Detail Omotesando Chiyoda 132,000 Studio 25.35 Minamiaoyama

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