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Type Detail Station Line Price (in Million Yen) Bedrooms Size(Sq.m) Area
Condo. Detail Kudanshita Hanzomon 62.00 2Bed 112.75 Kudanshita
Condo. Detail Akasaka Chiyoda 25.80 1Bed 45.8 Akasaka
Condo. Detail Azabujuban Nanboku 67.90 1Bed 56.79 Azabujuban
Condo. Detail Meguro JR Yamanote 52.80 Other 106.13 Meguro
Condo. Detail Shirokanedai Nanboku/Toei Mita 80.00 2Bed 108.53 Shirokanedai
Condo. Detail Azabu-juban Nanboku 23.30 1Bed 31.84 Azabu-juban
Condo. Detail Shirokane-takanawa Nanboku 55.30 3Bed 69.52 Shirokane-takanawa
Condo. Detail Ichigaya Chuou 34.80 1Bed 41.62 Ichigaya
Condo. Detail Sendagi Chiyoda 24.80 1Bed 33.6 Sendagi
Condo. Detail Ushigome-kagurazaka Toei Oedo 17.00 1Bed 20.44 Kagurazaka

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